Out of love for animals

Since I’ve been able to think for myself, my love for animals has been limitless!

Looking into the eyes of these sweet and innocent beings touches my heart very deeply. To me, all animals are angels and holy beings.
Therefore, the inconceivable suffering they have to endure for the sake of food, fashion, furniture/interior, entertainment etc. is even more of a burden to me. 

 For this reason, during my pregnancy with our son Romeo in 2017, after years of self-employment in the shoe industry, I decided to found my own exclusive vegan fashion label Giulia & Romeo, and to donate all the earnings to animal welfare in order to really be able to help animals in the long term and sustainably.

The heart of my business philosophy is therefore the coexistence of luxurious aesthetics and ethical, sustainable consumption.

More and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle. That does not only mean not eating food that contains animal ingredients, but generally avoiding or not supporting any products or activities that are tainted with animal suffering. I would like to open up a new perspective with my fashion and regard the protection of animals and the environment as a requirement for everything we do.

Integrity, consciousness, ethics.

Those are the values I stand for.

Daniela Brunner